18 May 2014
Auto 66 Club Bike Championships - Cadwell Park

The Auto 66 club was formed 46 years ago and they organise sprints and hill climbs as well as circuit races. Cadwell Park is their spiritual home and all their single day events in 2014 feature a mix of solo and sidecar races for their enthusiastic members.

This weekend's event will feature Count of Cadwell Championship in which several of the North East's finest riders will find out who is master of of the Linconshire circuit's testing undulations, including the iconic Mountain section.

The racing line-up will be completed by outings for the Northern Clubmans Championship and UK Road & Track Championship.

Adult Admission:£14 - on the gate
Children 12 and under:Free
Enquiries:0843 453 9000
Track action starts at:09.00
Full timetable: Check back soon!
What time can spectators get in?Gates open at 08.30
More information:Click here
Media Accreditation:Click for details
Is camping available?Yes - No Charge
Clubhouse Restaurant: Opens at 07.30 - Closes at 18.00
Bar : Opens at 11.00 - Closes at the end of racing
Breakfast Kentagon Bar Salad
Parking: Free
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*All times are subject to change