11 April 2013
Bike Trackday - Brands Hatch (Indy)

Bike trackdays are hugely popular as they give you the chance to explore the limits of your own machine without any of the restrictions of the road!

Organiser:MSV Trackdays
Format:Sessioned Trackday
Can I participate?Yes, please visit the link below for more information
Telephone Booking:0843 453 3000
More Information:Click here
Can I spectate?Yes - circuit admission is free!
What time can spectators get in?Gates open at 08.00
Grand Prix Terrace: Opens at 07.15 - Closes at 20.00
Hailwoods: Opens at 08.00 - Closes at 17.00
Breakfast GPT Salad
Parking: Free
Cash machine available? Yes
Additional information

The Caterham Experience will be running today from the Lower Paddock please contact 01883 333700 or visit www.caterham.co.uk for further details.

Young Drive Plus will also be running on this day. Call 0843 453 1000 or click here for details.

MSV Trackdays will also be running a Bike track evening, please call 0843 453 3000 or visit www.msvtrackdays.com  for further details.

*All times are subject to change